Facebook & Instagram ads can be extremely powerful in growing your business. As one of the largest social media platforms in the world, Facebook is bound to used by your ideal clients, so it’s something you should definitely consider in your marketing strategy.

If you’re not sure yet, I’ve created a list of 6 reasons why you should think about using Facebook advertising in the new year.

1. Audience

Facebook (and since acquiring Instagram) is a social giant. It’s the biggest social media network in the world, but since you’re a local business that doesn’t really mean anything.

Here’s what does… Your audience is using Facebook & Instagram on a daily basis. They use it to connect with friends, but they also use it to find out more about your business.

By looking at your social media pages, as well as asking about recommendations in groups.

Rather than letting others do your marketing for you, or worse, tell people about your competitors but not your business, using Facebook ads to get in front of people that you otherwise wouldn’t is an excellent strategy.

There’s lots of research available that tells us that many people first discover businesses they’re interested in on Facebook.

Nearly two-thirds of all adults use Facebook – making its massive reach one of the greatest advantages of Facebook ads for small, medium, and even large businesses. So why not tap into that?

2. Affordable/low cost

Generally speaking, Facebook ads are low cost.

Facebook ads are a pay per click style advertising option and can be freely used by any business (there are some restrictions but most businesses can use it). So the only cost for ads are your budget and in some cases a management fee.

At the time of writing this article, the average cost per click across all industries is $.172 (USD), which gives a good indication of how low cost it actually is.

Facebook ads are a much lower cost than traditional advertising, and in terms of digital PPC (Pay Per Click), they offer some of the best ROI (Return on Investment).

Check out this article I wrote about the return on investment you can expect from Facebook ads.

3. Results fast (in most cases)

Facebook business ads are ideal for businesses that want to focus on both short-term and long-term online marketing strategies. We always recommend a long term focus, but in reality Facebook ads can start providing revenue/conversion as soon as they go live. Facebook ads are great for fast results.

In case you’re wondering how this works, once an ad campaign is set up in the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard, then reviewed by Facebook, and once they go live, they start working immediately and begin showing your business to potentially thousands of people instantly. Ads are normally approved within 24 hours, so the Facebook advertising benefits come from giving businesses a way to start getting leads and/or sales within a couple of days.

4. Ads for your specific business goals

Facebook offers a range of campaign objectives, which is a good way to prioritise different results for your ads.

You see, even though every business wants to make sales, the strategy to get there isn’t the same for every business.

As a service based business you need leads before you’re able to make the sale as often you need to find out the scope of the project as well as find out if you’re a good fit to work with the client.

If you’re a business that works on bigger projects, like construction, you’ll want to run Facebook ads to build brand awareness and lead generation ads so that your pipeline is always filled with potential clients.

With Facebook ads you get to select the objective that will help you reach your business goal. For example ads can be designed to drive more: post engagement/interaction, more site traffic, lead generation, etc.

5. Powerful, in-depth data

Unlike traditional advertising, Facebook ads track a large number of data from your advertising. Inside the ads manager dashboard you’ll be able to see how much you’re spending on each click and conversion, how many people are engaged with the ad and much more.

The data informs you within a few days whether or not something is working or how people are responding to it, which means that you can scale quickly if it’s performing well or optimise if it needs some tweaks.

The data is also a great way to perform market research as it will inform you of the bottlenecks in your lead generation and marketing approach which you can then correct and test again.

6. Higher reach than organic

With Facebook & Instagram ads you’re able to reach more people than with just organic social media marketing and if you want to attract new clients, you need to be seen by new people.

The beauty of Facebook ads is that you can be seen by people who may not know that they need you, plus with a nurture strategy you can establish trust with them and become a preferred supplier.

Advertising and organic social media aren’t exclusive though, you can do both! And with ad types specifically designed for engagement, sign-ups, or followings, paid ads can actually improve your organic traffic as well. And they can do it faster, which is one of the benefits of Facebook advertising. Paid ads tend to get better engagement, far greater impressions, and more conversions. This means your content gets more views.

Curious to know what a return on investment from Facebook ads could look like for your business? Read this article here.

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