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I’m Bianca McKenzie

More than a marketing strategist; I’m a passionate advocate for businesses looking to thrive in the digital landscape. From social media mastery and paid advertising to data-driven insights and website conversion, I want to help you be a digital success story.
With me in your corner

Marketing will be a breeze

If you’re anything like me, you started your business because you want to help people (or offer them something fun).

But unlike me you’re really not into the marketing side of it. In fact, if you knew how much time you needed to spend on marketing just to get some leads you would have thought twice about starting a business.

Without leads you’re not helping anyone, which is a loss for you but also for all the people who need what you offer.

I’ve always known that I wanted to be a marketer and ever since watching an interview with the marketing manager of a big football club it has been the path I followed.

From the Netherlands to the UK and then to Australia. International business and marketing was my uni degree of choice and I 100% embraced it.

Since graduating I’ve blogged, email marketed (yup, I just said that) and then Facebook ads flirted with me and I was hooked.

Facebook ads are my thing but there is so much more I can help you with.

Digital marketing and marketing tech allows me to amplify your work so you can help more people.

“Great knowledge and experience with small business. Fantastic customer service and advice.”

Josh & Patreena – WestBae Pastoral

“It was really nice to learn something new, meet new people and eat great food. Thank you for a great afternoon.”

Deanie de Boer, Resilience Counselling

“Bianca McKenzie is the BEST ads person I have ever used, and I have used 4 different suppliers – Bianca is thorough, super tight with deadlines and totally on top of tweaking to get the best results.”

Kylie Patchett



Bianca McKenzie is a Certified Elite Ads Manager with more than two decades marketing experience. She’s here to help people help people. Her Facebook ads skills are beyond compare. She knows how to craft a strategy to get results and isn’t afraid to dive into the numbers, copy and creative to get what her clients hired her for.

Business owners put her on their vision board long before they’re ready to work with her. As one of her client’s puts it she’s “thorough, super tight with deadlines and totally on top of tweaking to get the best results”.

Not only does she know how to push the right buttons in Facebook ads manager, she’s an experienced marketing strategist who will create a carefully crafted roadmap to get you to your destination.

Bianca is also a mum to a clever little girl (a direct clone of her) and a cheeky little boy. She has two skinny dogs, a horse, a pony, a flock of chickens and if her husband would let her she’d have a menagerie of other animals too (thankfully he’s the sensible one).

They say that some things will find you, even if you weren’t looking for them. That’s how Bianca rolled into Facebook ads. She always knew she wanted to be a marketer but a degree in Facebook ads wasn’t available on the university menu.

So they found each other and they were made for each other. Bianca loves Facebook ads like a koala loves a gumtree.

She’s super down to earth and if you strike up a conversation about skiing, hiking, travelling, or Facebook ads, come prepared because she’ll keep talking.

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